The Bill - Restoring Texan's Votes in Local, State, & Federal Elections

The Bill- HB 3068 (bill-analysis)

 The Texas Voter Choice Act is legislation that restores and protects the right of every Texan
to cast a meaningful vote in local, state and federal elections.


Updated content to reflect that the TVCA was introduced in 2017 and will be reintroduced in 2019.

Time for 21st century change

It does so by making some long-overdue changes to the original ballot access statute that Texas enacted back in 1903. Much of that law is still in place, meaning Texas is still using a 19th Century system to regulate ballot access in the 21st Century. This is why running for office in Texas is so complicated, burdensome and expensive for minor party, new party, or independent candidates (major party nominees appear on the ballot automatically).

It is broken.

And it’s why Texans so often lack meaningful choices at the polls. Each election cycle, only one candidate runs unopposed in roughly half the races for the Texas Legislature. An electoral system that regularly fails to provide voters with a choice of candidates is one that fails to fulfill its basic function. Fortunately, there is a fix – the Texas Voter Choice Act – and it’s pending before the Texas Legislature now.

What does the Texas Voter Choice Act do?


It establishes reasonable ballot access requirements for all candidates.

It replaces outdated paper nomination petitions with a secure web-based platform that enables qualified voters to sign any candidate’s nomination petition online. And it eliminates regulations that impose unnecessary restrictions or requirements on candidates and voters. That’s all – but with those simple changes, Texans can once again have a free choice of candidates. Read  HB 3068 legislation.

The Texas Voter Choice Act – Key Provisions:

    • Establishes Reasonable Signature Requirements and Filing Deadlines
    • Authorizes Voters to Sign Nomination Petitions Online
    • Eliminates Restrictions on Voters’ Right to Sign Nomination Petitions
    • Eliminates Unneeded Filing Requirements for Candidates

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